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What Is Outlaw Radio?
Outlaw Radio is an assault of outrageous, hilarious, politically incorrect talk - featuring cigars, celebrities, and Magic Matt Alan!

Host And Owner: Matt Alan
Webmistress: Diane Shreve
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The Amazing Mr. Cigar
New York Cigar Lifestyles - Winter 1997 Issue

"It may be the second most politically incorrect talk-show on radio after Howard Stern.No, scratch that. Howard only glorifies things like fantasy sex with Aunt Jemima. Whereas WEVD-AM's Lighten Up! hosted and produced by Z100 alumnus Matt Alan - is an homage to cigars (and other supposed evils) that positively revels in mocking neo-Prohibitionists' annoying attempts to spoil everyone else's fun under the guise of "protecting our children."
Magic Matt's Back On The Air!
Business Wire - March 9, 2000

"Magic Matt's back on the air in Southern California, one of the highest-rated afternoon personalities in the history of Los Angeles radio.  Magic Matt Alan (formerly of KIIS-FM) celebrates the fourth anniversary of his weekly national syndicated talk show by bringing it back to the airwaves of Los Angeles live from the Lighten Up Lounge in his backyard in the hills of Encino, beginning this Saturday, March 11, 2000, on KRLA Talk Radio 1110 AM at 3 PM."
Radio Show Of The Week
Daily News LA Life - May 31st, 2000

"Outlaw Radio Live From the Lighten-Up Lounge: A fast-paced talk show, hosted by “Magic" Matt
Alan (called Mr. Cigar on the air) and guests, that dwells on the good life - big steaks, good cigars and mega martinis. 'I combined my passion for entertainment and cigars for a very male-skewing program. I believe we all have a right to our own brand of self-destruction, as long as it's legal.' "
Lighten Up!  Cigar Radio
Smoke Radio Magazine - Summer 1996 Volume I Issue 3

"What a coincidence. On the premiere day of my new cigar radio talk show, Lighten Up!, George Burns, the world's most famous cigar smoker, passed on to the great humidor in the sky after a century of good living. I began the inaugural Lighten Up! show with a dedication to Burns - the world's most famous cigar smoker - and a story of my first meeting with the legend."
Mr. Cigar, Lighten Up Radio Celebrate 4th Anniversary,
New L.A. Affiliate
Smokeshop - April, 2000

"America’s longest-running talk show about cigars, spirits, and the good life celebrated its fourth anniversary with a return to the airwaves in its hometown Southern California market of Los Angeles. Lighten Up! is now broadcast live on major new affiliate and broadcasting powerhouse KRLA Talk 1110 AM. Host Magic Matt Alan, one of the highest-rated afternoon personalities in the history of Los Angles radio, now broadcasts his weekly nationally-syndicated talk show live from the Lighten Up Lounge in his backyard studio in the hills of Encino."
Sharing An Ashtray With Mr. Cigar
Forces International

"So I started smoking cigars with these sweet tips. It's funny, more than actually enjoying the cigar itself, I felt that I was very Clint Eastwood-like. And then these other types of cigars without tips that were cheroot-like and looked like something Clint would smoke - because I've always been a fan of Clint Eastwood, and especially his Spaghetti Westerns.  So we would just spend hours and hike way way out into the desert and search for arrowheads, and any other relics that we could find around there.  My uncle, now, is officially a relic, so maybe I could find him."
Magic Matt Alan Has A Couch For Sale
Howard Stern Show - 2008

"Sirius 70's DJ Magic Matt Alan called in, so Howard asked if he could ever get a job as an announcer / music DJ like he has.  Matt said yes; after all these years, Howard had managed to nail down the technique.  Matt then humored Howard and showed the crew how they were supposed to talk-up a song on WNBC and hit the post like a pro."
Mr. Cigars S.O.T.N.A.
Mr. Cigar's Newsletter - January 2002

"Welcome dear lovers of the leaf, libations, lovely ladies and big, fat prime porterhouse steaks (ok, so I can only take alliteration so far). Welcome to Mr. Cigars State Of The Nation Address. In this edition I will attempt to tempt you with nothing but the best of everything. In the category of red wines. Run, Don't walk to your favorite vino store and pick up several bottles of Beringer Alluvium, Knights Valley 1997, a proprietary blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab. Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot. This succulent sauce sets you back about twenty bucks (tastes like a hundred) and will stand up to the most robust stogie."
Magic Matt Alan!
Radio Genius Report - ????

"Matt and I go back a long way... in fact, he was seventeen when I hired him at KNBQ in Tacoma, a little flame-throwin' Top 40 that regularly rattled the big boys in Seattle. He left KNBQ to become the Production/Imaging Director at KFI in Los Angeles for then-PD Jhani Kaye. I respected his willingness to accept this challenge, even though he had never worked a multi-track machine! After KFI, he wound up at KRBE in Houston, where Scott Shannon discovered him. Scott heard the same thing that I had heard when Matt was 17; he's a great natural talent, and sounded very seasoned at a very young age."
Rudy Giuliani, A Cigar Smoker And A Fun Mayor
Metro Cigar News Online - Spring 1999 Issue

"Rudy Giuliani, a fun guy? New York's no nonsense, law and order mayor may have a stern countenance to his opposition, but to Magic Matt Alan of Lighten Up! Cigar Radio out of Los Angeles, Giuliani is a real fun guy.  Alan interviewed the Big Apple's head honcho at the recent grand reopening of De La Concha's glitzy new cigar emporium on Sixth Avenue. "The mayor of Los Angeles would never admit to smoking," Magic Matt told Giuliani."
This May Make Milli Vanilli Glad They Got Out When They Did
At Home In The World: Collective Writings From The Wall Street Journal
January 2, 1991

"What really happened to Elvis Presley? Never mind that. A Los Angeles disc jockey is having enough trouble figuring out what happened to Elvis's head.  All 1,200 pounds of it, that is, made of steel, wire, fiberglass, flowers, and birdseed. The 10-foot high head rode up on Mississippi's float in last January's Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, alongside flowery facsimiles of fellow Mississippi muscians Tammy Wynette, Leontyne Price, and B. B. King."
The Iceman Cometh To Outlaw Radio
TalkStreamLive - June 14th, 2008

"Hosted by Magic Matt Alan (KIIS FM L.A., Z100 N.Y., SIRIUS) and featuring Ryan Stiles, Richard Tyson, Kip Addotta and a slew of show biz and other noted greats, including but not limited to: ZZ Top, Dom Deluise, Lee Iaccoca, Meatloaf, Rudy Giuliani, Barry Williams, Danny Baldwin, Ann Coulter, and hundreds of others."